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Marinefloor™ Dock System Installation

Perfect for severe and icy conditions

Rigid and durable Marinefloor™ modular cubes are made of light-weight, refined HDPE composite material unsurpassed for resisting harsh weather and marine conditions. The weather-proof features of this marine dock system allow it to be left in icy water throughout winter. Their survival from rough and severe storm water conditions as reported by customers is proof of their durability. All Marinefloor™ products are anti-flammable; anti-static; and UV rays resistant.

You, too, can feel and enjoy their modular flexibility, light-weight portability and system changeability for whatever your marine dock walkway needs may be. The system easily configures into an addition to an existing dock or seawall; or into a convenient moorage facility where there is none at all. Any configuration of these rigid and durable cubes will give you a totally new marine docking experience.

Slider System – boat dry-dock floating technology

Slider™ is a revolutionary off/on boat dry-dock floating technology with convenient, evolutionary concepts. The combination of Sliders and Cubes is the ideal answer to boat dry-docking needs. The patented design protects the hull of a boat while distributing its weight throughout this floating dry dock system. It can securely support any type of personal water craft (PWC).

Unlike fixed structures which require manual or motorized gear-cranking to lift personal watercraft or outboard/stern drive boats out of the water, with a Slider System™ such lifting systems are no longer needed. Watercraft can be kept dry and completely out of the water without having to rely on any cables, gears or motorized lift equipment. The in-out configuration is highly refined to facilitate boarding maneuvers and ensures a smooth departure from/to the floating dry dock. The boater just backs out from it or steers the water craft on to it.

Slider™ is also good-looking, light-weight and made with super-durable, environmentally friendly material. The system has no mobile parts and is easily maneuvered for installation by combining modular Cubes and Sliders.

Marinefloor on Ice

Frozen water conditions generally present unique challenges for a dock system, with stationary docking structures often being destroyed during winter ice conditions per Army Corps of Engineers. The resin applied within the Marinefloor shallow-draft, durable module material resolves this ice problem by withstanding brittleness to temperatures of -104.8°F. Most cold climate customers leave their Marinefloor docking configurations on ice for the whole winter. As long as there is no external tear or banged-up section, the system is perfectly fine and may be installed and utilized in any cold region in the world without damage or transformation. Cold-climate boaters are thereby saved time and aggravation.

marinefloor dock system
marinefloor dock system
marinefloor dock system
marinefloor dock system

Withstanding Storms

Marinefloor’s unique design in combination with its cube’s super rigidity withstand a storm event quite well. In a severe storm (such as a hurricane or typhoon), the main concern is for the floating systems to be securely attached to solid object(s) and given plenty of line to be able to absorb the disproportional wave energy. The combined floating cubes of the Marinefloor system endure storm wave energy through their structural stability; each cube’s self-compensation absorbs the wave’s energy and disperses it to the adjacent cube vertically and horizontally to the end of the dock configuration.

Customers reported excellent results from their dock configurations experiencing severe storms. In a recent case, two distinct large groups of cubes became separated from their pile attachments and floated up to shore. But both groups were fine after being towed back to their locations after the storm as in each case, no damage was sustained to the cubes. In the LegoDocks pictures section, check out the undamaged floating-cube system photographed after a storm amongst the wreckage of various fixed dock moorage structures.

Storm water conditions also present unique challenges for boat lifts and boat docks. Conventional, fixed mooring structures are hard-fastened to a shore land property. But Marinefloor system’s portable floating structure can be tied-up anywhere you want it placed. In rough water situations or pending an imminent storm, the system may be simply untied or anchored with Sea-Flex(tm) Anchors to freely ride out wind gusts and waves.

New Material

D5502 is a newly developed, high-density polyethylene resin with narrow molecular weight distribution which has excellent floating capability and overall general toughness and strength.

Extra high stress-crack resistance and impact strength make D5502 resin material very suitable for demanding applications requiring extreme toughness.

D5502 contains UV-stabilizer and Anti-Flammable additives. It is extremely effective for applications demanding maximum protection against outdoor weathering and prevents any fire-related danger on a Marinefloor™ cubes system.

D5502 complies with the FDA regulation CFR #177.1520 & CFR #178.2010.

  • Excellent impact strength
  • Excellent stiffness
  • Long-lasting
  • Safe

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