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Providing quality marine construction since 1976

Waterfront Construction is located in Seattle, Washington. Best known as the northwest leader in custom marine construction, the premier waterfront source since 1976, Waterfront Construction specializes in majestic and innovative waterfront projects while improving aesthetics, layout, and custom design features of land, lake and sea properties.

Specializing in construction of piers and docks, bulkheads, pile driving, barges, material, private construction, and commercial construction, with a full service fabrication department and permit department, Waterfront Construction is committed to serving the needs of customers while enhancing the natural wildlife and natural habitat.

We are a seasoned, full-service, expert in marine and freshwater construction. Noted for experienced craftsmanship with skilled marine contractors, Waterfront Construction specializes in providing a wide range of construction operations such as fender walls, breakwater, marina & moorage construction, commercial pile driving, repair of commercial piers, dredging op and new custom designed projects.

Federal State and Local Permits are Integral to Each Project

We can untangle the web of ongoing rule changes and approvals

An integral part of any waterfront development is the procurement of Local, State and Federal permits required for almost every project. The permitting process has become increasingly complex over the past few years due to the listing by the State and Federal agencies of several animal and fish species as threatened or endangered. Waterfront Construction has remained at the forefront in understanding these changes. We are committed to serving the needs of our customers while designing innovative projects that help preserve the wildlife we all cherish. Waterfront Construction has a full-time staff to ensure that your project is done right, with all of the appropriate permits and approvals. The strength of our Permit Department comes from over 60 years of combined experience in the permitting process, with an understanding of surveying, biology, engineering and construction.

As part of a project application there may be need for consultation between soils or structural engineers, fisheries biologists, architects or landscape architects to develop the project desired by a client. Our staff can provide coordination between these professionals and work with permitting agency personnel and your consultants during project review to help facilitate the permit process.

Procedures for permitting can be arduous, complex and confusing. Most clients choose to use the trained staff at Waterfront to procure all of the permits for their project. These may include approvals from municipalities, counties, Fish and Wildlife, Ecology, Army Corps of Engineers, National Marine Fisheries, Natural Resources and others.

Ongoing policy changes at the Local, State and Federal levels continue to bring new challenges. Waterfront Construction is committed to working through these difficulties and serving the needs of our customers. Please give us a call and let us show you how we can work for you.

Waterfront Project Inspection, Service and Maintenance in Puget Sound and San Juan Islands

Lifts, moorage covers, and of course docks, piers, floats and ramps

We do more than build new projects. Our Service Department at Waterfront Construction will also inspect, maintain, repair or improve your dock, lift and accessories. We service from Chelan to the San Juan Islands, Puget Sound to Lake Washington and Lake Sammamish.

The Waterfront Construction service department team is responsible for the installation and service of water hydraulic, oil hydraulic and electric boatlifts operating from 4000 lbs. to 25,000 lbs. They design and build custom lifts for airplanes and custom wooden boats (or any other toy a customer might want to lift out of the water). They install and service personal watercraft lifts, canopies, davits, buoys, anchors, and dock accessories. Other duties include boat salvage of sunken vessels and the repair and maintenance of docks, piers, ramps and floats.

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