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Waterfront Bulkhead Design And Construction

We create architectural shorelines

Waterfront bulkheads add custom design features of strength and beauty. Waterfront Construction installs bulkheads that are effective and attractive throughout the Pacific Northwest. The structural purpose of a bulkhead is to withstand the forces of nature.

Waterfront Construction craftsmen design and build bulkheads with secure, precise durable materials to provide adequate strength, supporting filters and proper drainage. Whether using rock, steel, concrete or wood we strive to construct bulkheads that enhance your property. Our bulkheads blend in to the existing surroundings, often becoming the centerpiece of the property’s landscape.

Bulkhead Installation & Repair Projects

bulkhead repair in front of house

Soldier Pile Bulkhead Installation and Concrete Panels

In the unfortunate event of a bulkhead failure you have to address the situation in a timely manner. In this situation, the bulkhead failure left about 20 linear feet of wall gone, exposing the bank behind it. The new house that was just built is located about 23 feet back from the bulkhead wall that had failed.

Protect Your Waterfront Property From Erosion

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